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New structures in the community garden

May 6, 2013

As spring belatedly arrives, the small community garden in Goresbridge begins to take shape…

New Structures in Goresbridge Community Garden

Can you spot the new structure that’s appeared between the beds? We managed to lure Peter back into the garden with his handyman skills and he’s built a lovely arch out of the old posts and wire that we found in the shed last week. We’ll be training the runner beans up and over it in a few weeks time.


Bridget’s learning how to toil the soil gently with the tip of the spade and knock the lumps of clay out.

Goresbridge Community Garden

It wont be long before the beds are full of flowers and vegetables

Inside the polytunnel the warmth has helped the plugs plants to come on. Thankfully we only found a couple of slugs and snails this week so no more seedling devastation for now.

Goresbridge Community GardenIt was suggested on social media that we approach a local pub for their slop bucket to leave in the beer traps (what a great idea!!) but Ann came up trumps with a box full of lager that was three years out of date. We’ve buried jars in all the beds and are now waiting to see if the little slimy critters take the bait!

The community garden in Goresbridge is tucked away behind the Respond building in a pretty little cul-de-sac. We’re hoping to attract a few more locals so the hard-working FAS workers built a few small raised beds for us at the front of the building which we planted salads and potatoes in this week to give them a hint at what we’re doing inside.


We had some good news this week too that I won’t be sharing until it’s confirmed. In the meantime the ladies are sowing a couple of trays of tiny seeds “just in case”…


Some people’s rubbish is another’s treasure. In this instance some old windows were donated and we’re planning to build a cold frame in the corner of the garden.

Goresbridge Community Garden

And if you think community gardening is all about gardening, think again. It’s a place for fun, friendship, laughter and companionship too…

Goresbridge Community Garden

Sadly we’ll see none of this out of date beer, but the slugs and snails may die happy.

I’ll keep you posted on our news…




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