Community Garden Frequently Asked Questions

As a qualified horticultural tutor who has worked with, designed or consulted in over 20 community gardens in Ireland since 2009, Dee Sewell has written many of the following articles in response to frequently asked questions. In some cases she’s simply sharing their stories.

Reasons Why We Need A Community Garden in Our Community

What Are Community Gardens – a simple guide
5 Reasons Why Community Gardens are Good For Us – five was just for starters..
10 Reasons Why Every Village, Town and City Needs a Community Garden – straight from the community gardeners mouths.
Community Gardens – It’s Not Just the Plants That Grow

Getting Started in a Community Garden

Start Up Essentials for Community Gardens – Must have’s and optional extras.
Community Gardens – How And Where Do I Start One? – Some tips and ideas to get you started.

Developing Community

How to Involve the Community in a Community Garden. A look at Baltinglass community garden and why it works so well.
Community Education – How measurable is it? Two unique gardens but with a shared goal. Making them more sustainable.
How to Encourage People to Join a Community Garden – sharing skills and teaching people how to grow food.
How Horticulture Can Positively Improve a Community – Ballybeg Greens in Waterford run courses, have a community garden and allotments and sell produce to local restaurants. They also run a garden centre and landscaping service.
How Community Gardens Can Help Your School or College – a look at how they can work together.
How to Introduce Child Friendly Water Features into a Community Garden – a guest post with some great tips
Teenagers – Doing It For Themselves – Encouraging teenagers to find their place in the community.

A Recipe for Friendship – What community gardening means for the the adults working and socialising together in Gleann na Bearu Community Garden, Bagenalstown and how they’re being offered the opportunity to upskill.

Making Community Gardens More Sustainable

From Basket to Gourmet Menu – setting up a relationship with a local restaurant.
Grow Your Own – It’s Not Just About Growing the Vegetables – from seed to market stall, a group of community gardens learn how to grow, cook and sell their produce.

Working with People in a Community garden

When Things Go Wrong In A Community Garden – How do tutors manage conflict?

How Other Community Gardens Are Doing It

Focus on: Callan Community Garden in Co Kilkenny
Focus on: Knocknaheeney/Hollyhill Community Garden in Cork
Focus on: Clonegal Community Garden in Co Carlow
Community Garden Network in Northern Ireland and a Lesson for Us All – Three community garden projects in Derry that are doing their best to heal.
Creating a Community Garden at the School of Food in Thomastown, Co Kilkenny – the first three months

My Work as a Community Garden Tutor

My Job As a Community Garden Tutor – a glimpse into my work life and the flexibility needed.

If you are interested in setting up a community garden in a workplace, a social and therapeutic setting, or a community in general, contact Dee Sewell for more information.

Community Gardens Ireland

If you are looking for a community garden or would like to join a community of community gardeners in Ireland and Northern Ireland, take a look at the Community Gardens Ireland website for links to the map and all their social media accounts.