Gardening for Beginners

7 jobs for the autumn vegetable garden

I began writing about vegetables back in 2009 as a way of sharing our own experiences at Greenside Up HQ and helping beginners learn how to grow their own food. You can find lots of articles on the blog giving you an insight into our family life and homestead as well as lots of recipes.  However, as time has passed, more gardening articles have been added and tips shared but unless you scroll through the archives, they’re in danger of disappearing.

Although the posts are geared towards vegetable gardening, many of them form the basis for all gardening. Seeds are seeds and should be stored the same way whether they are flower or vegetable. Good soil is the basis of all gardening and garden pests aren’t necessarily fussy about whether they’re chomping on our roses or our beans.

The following links are to key articles I hope will help you to garden more confidently, no matter what you’re sowing or growing, but ultimately they’ve been written to help you grow your own fruit and vegetables successfully.

How to Start a Garden

Seeds and Seedlings

In the Vegetable Garden

Pests and Diseases in the Garden

Gardening Undercover

Other Useful Links

Once you’ve started growing your own fruit, herbs or vegetables you might like to check out some recipes.

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