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Slugs & Snails – Slug Defence Gel

June 10, 2013

How are you finding the slugs this year? Quite frankly I’m fed up with them already and we’re only half way through. Despite various attempts at protecting seedlings I’ve lost all bar one of my own kale plants as well as chard and beetroot seedlings and have had to re-sow them. I can completely understand why people get so exasperated with these destructive and hungry little creatures!

sluggel.jpgI don’t mind slugs and snails too much in my flower beds as they don’t seem to do as much damage there, but in the veg patch it’s a different matter.

Mr slug didn't like the gel at all!

Mr slug didn’t like the gel at all!

We’ve been suffering the same problems with slugs and snails in the community gardens too.

In Goresbridge the beer traps have worked very well in the polytunnel and are full every time we check them.

Today in Callan community garden we’re trying a different product that I haven’t spotted before – Slug Defence Gel that one of the gardeners Siobhan picked up in the local Woodies store.

You can see from the photos, it’s exactly what it says it is on the bottle – a liquid gel. We’ve added a ring of it around the brassica plants that we planted out in the garden today, as well as squirted a ring around the entire bed in an effort to dissuade the slimy creatures.

A ring of slug deterrent gel circles a brassica

A ring of slug deterrent gel circles a Brassica

Immediate signs look good – we tried smearing some gel on a trowel and seeing if a slug would crawl over it – it curled up into a ball and wouldn’t budge (see above)! From what we can see it wont kill the slugs – they just don’t seem to like it.

slugdeterrentgel.jpgI’ll keep you posted on how effective the gel is in a comment at the end of the blog once we’ve given it a chance to work (or not) so check back in a couple of weeks if you’re interested.

With the wet weather due again over the next couple of weeks we may see the slugs return. Here’s a post I wrote last year on fifteen organic methods of slug control – we’re working our way through them once again…


One week later and NO plants have been nibbled that were surrounded by the gel.

(Disclaimer: this is a personal post and not sponsored by any product or shop.)


  • Reply cathsveggies1 June 10, 2013 at 8:17 pm

    We have had some slugs even though we’ve had 8 dry,warm days. Now the rain is back,I expect to see a lot more:(

    • Reply greensideupveg June 11, 2013 at 1:11 pm

      There were lots on the lawn here today too Cath! I keep meaning to try the bran to deter them but forget to buy it.

  • Reply How Do I Stop Slugs From Eating My Plants? | Keeping It Covered! April 9, 2014 at 1:21 pm

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