Do Not Burn Yourselves Out

May 5, 2024
Do Not Burn Yourselves Out quote by Edward Abbey

Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada ~ photo by Dee Sewell

Do Not Burn Yourselves Out

A while ago I authored a post on the County Carlow Environmental Network (CCEN) blog about climate and environmental podcasts that I, and others in the team, have been listening to. One of the climate change podcast series that I caught up with recently is Code Red from the Centre for Climate and Society at Dublin City University. It looks at how the worlds of policy, politics, the media, the arts, and other sectors have responded to the climate breakdown and biodiversity loss.

Do Not Burn Yourselves OutHaving moved in and out of eco anxiety many times over the years, I was drawn towards the episode Eco Anxiety and Ocean Connection with guests Linzi Hawkin, co-founder of Protect Blue, and Easkey Britton, an author and social scientist. Both women are surfers who’s health and wellbeing is transformed by water, something many of us who love the natural world can relate to.

At the end of the interview (link at the bottom of the page) Linzi read a powerful quote from Edward Abbey entitled Do Not Burn Yourself Out. It resonates strongly. As an environmentalist for over forty years as well as current Chair of the CCEN, I almost always feel like I’m not doing enough, that I should be doing more to protect our precious planet.

I feel guilt ridden that I’m slipping up by still using single use plastics (almost impossible to avoid), flying abroad (a recent desire to travel before the world burns up, and visiting close family), and burning fossil fuels in the shape of an oil run heating system (little else choice for a 150 year old stone house, and no money to pay for costly upgrades). I compensate with my horticultural and environmental work, by growing organic vegetables, walking our dogs, camping, mountain and hill walking, and kayaking. But sometimes even that doesn’t feel enough in our burning world.

I loved that Linzi has this quote printed and framed on her wall, something I will be doing. I’m sharing it with you too. I hope it helps if you too suffer from eco anxiety…

Do not burn yourselves out quote by Edward Abbey


You can find the rest of this inspiring podcast here:


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