Making Tie Dye Curtains (for less than a tenner)

June 20, 2010

How to Make Tie Dye Curtains (for less than a tenner)Not quite veggie gardening, but they’re green!  I’m talking about my new tie dye curtains for the little room in the house….

I’m delighted with the outcome and the cost.  I have always liked the tie dye effect but have never tried doing it myself.  However, I needed a set of curtains for the small toilet, couldn’t find a fabric I liked anywhere, so here was my chance.

Last year I’d picked up a huge dust sheet from Aldi made from 100% Cotton for just €7.00.  I thought at the time that I could dye it and make a throw but never got around to it.  I only needed half the quantity of fabric for this window and I picked up a cold water dye from town, followed the instructions on the box and voilà!  I’m delighted with the tie dye result.  Total cost: €8.80!


Fabric – half quantity  –  €3.50
Dye                                 –  €3.00
String (for tying)         –  €1.50
Curtain header            –  €0.80

So how did I do it? I measured the window and cut the fabric roughly to size (I allowed quite a bit extra in case it shrank, which it didn’t as it happens). I then randomly bunched pieces of fabric together and tied them tightly with string. The dying instructions given with the dye were very easy to follow, which I did to the letter.

How to Make Tie Die CurtainsThe exciting part is untying the bunches once the die has taken and the cloth has been hung out to dry… Will it, wont it work? What will it look like? Will I like it? There’s a great sense of childish anticipation!

If you’re interested in having a go at this inexpensive little project, there are LOTS of YouTube videos and websites explaining in detail how to achieve more intricate patterns. Mine really were just cobbled together.

Once dyed I attached the curtain header to the top, hemmed the sides and base, ironed each curtain using a damp cloth to protect before hanging them to the rail. Ta daa, job done.

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