Sunday Snap ~ Patchwork Fields

April 27, 2014

Lonesome Tree in Rapeseed Field

Jostling for space next to the magnificent Duckett’s Grove, this rapeseed crop might well be the most photographed field in County Carlow right now.

I’d love to see the images from the man who nonchalantly wandered over to the field with a camera fitted with a lens the length of my arm.

I took this photo today and haven’t played with the colour settings at all. If you’d like to see it for yourself in all it’s shining glory, it’s on the N9 between Carlow and Kilkenny and is quite breathtaking. Hats off to the farmer for his creative planting. The green field on the right has cattle grazing, giving us a patchwork glimpse of Irish farm life in the sunny south-east.

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