What can happen after attending a gardening workshop

Vegetable Garden in Co Carlow It’s always heart-warming to receive positive feedback and even more so when you can see results.

Greenside Up received this email from a satisfied customer following a full day gardening workshop where along with ten others, he learnt how to grow his own vegetables. We especially liked reading the highlighted sentence.

“Hi Dee,

I’ve finally gotten around to sending some photos of the first year’s gardening following the course in Kilkenny – in fact the following weekend the raised bed construction began!

We sowed some early potatoes and some main crops which were successful. Like you we had great success with the courgettes, but after the first frost the plants are gone.

Likewise the onions went well, garlic and outside tomatoes (grown from seed).  As can be seen from one of the photos a small greenhouse is the next project in the plans.

I think I will be going down the road of organic pest control for the slugs as they feasted like kings on my cabbages this year. My wife Marian, also used the comfrey and nettle feed with really seemed to work well on the veg. That area of the garden is now the busiest area, from what was an eyesore.

Thanks for the help and the newsletters are a great help for tips and pointers.

Donal, Co Carlow”

If you’d like to transform your garden into an edible oasis, look out for a workshop near you and if you don’t see one, do contact Greenside Up and they may be able to run one for you.