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March 13, 2013
Lettuce Seeds

Bridget learnt that every tiny seed will grow into a whole head of lettuce. She sowed ten seeds today & not the packet.

We’ve been busy in Goresbridge Community Garden over the past few weeks getting ready for the growing season ahead. Fortunately we met up before Christmas and prepared the beds by clearing them of old produce, weeding then adding manure to all but the roots bed.

Polytunnel in Goresbridge Community Garden

Cleaning the polytunnel in Goresbridge Community Garden

Last week we cleaned the polytunnel. I haven’t laughed so much in ages watching Liam get cheeky with the hose and not being able to resist the odd splash here and there! (If your greenhouse of polytunnel is in need of a wash just use phosphate free washing up liquid in warm water and a soft brush.)
Hot Peppers (after 2 weeks, heat on the left, no heat on the right)

Hot Peppers (after 2 weeks, heat on the left, no heat on the right)

Two weeks ago we sowed some chilli seeds from the Greenside Up Feeling Hot range. One batch were sown on a heated propagator, the second batch just left on a windowsill that doesn’t attract much sunlight. Look at the difference! Not a sign of them in two weeks on the windowsill but the ones with heated bottoms have their first true leaves now. Once the have their second set of leaves and a healthier root system, we’ll be pricking them out and placing them in pots on their own.

Sowing Seeds

Liam gets the specs out for some tiny lettered seed packets!

Today we sowed lots more… Gardens Delight tomatoes, California Wonder peppers and All Green Bush Courgettes in the heated trays, then sage, rocket, sweet pea, beetroot, lettuce and spinach into modules.


Colette’s entertaining us all

We’re planning some pallet wall containers for this garden and will be filling it with all sorts of plants, as well as filling containers that you might not be expecting… watch this space to see how an old upcycled deep fat fryer fares!


Charlotte potatoes chitting nicely

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