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Can we save the pollinators

Can We Save the Pollinators of Ireland?

Posted by Dee Sewell on January 7, 2016

With 30% of our pollinators threatened by extinction, 2016 is the year to make changes. Here’s some suggestions how.

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COP21 Paris 2015

Tackling Climate Change at COP21, Paris 2015

Posted by Dee Sewell on December 6, 2015

COP21 is a crucial global summit as it aims to make decisions legally binding.

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16 Alternatives to using Herbicides

16 Natural Alternatives to Herbicide Use

Posted by Dee Sewell on November 9, 2015

There are natural alternatives to herbicide use, here’s 16 to get you started.

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Climate Change: Can we seriously make a difference?

Do you have any climate change concerns?

Posted by Dee Sewell on September 19, 2015

One person makes a pledge to help reduce the effects of climate change in their lives. Will more actions make a difference?

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3 reasons why we need to build more bug hotels

3 Reasons Why We Need to Build More Bug Hotels

Posted by Dee Sewell on July 19, 2015

Bug hotels have grown in popularity over recent years but do we need more? Here’s three reasons why insects are good for both bugs and humans.

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OBEO - A Solution to our Kitchen Food Waste?

OBEO – A Solution to our Kitchen Food Waste?

Posted by Dee Sewell on June 18, 2015

Kitchen food waste can be an inconvenient problem while it waits to go into the brown bin or compost pile. Here’s a solution from OBEO.

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Food Education is Key To Our Survival | Greenside Up

Food Education. Is it key to our species survival?

Posted by Dee Sewell on April 21, 2015

Food education is empowering and could be the most powerful weapon we can give people to change their lives, can we encourage more?

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What can I plant in my garden to help honey bees?

Posted by Dee Sewell on March 18, 2015

A bee doesn’t determine between weeds, trees or ornamental flowers, they’re all FOOD. Here’s list of honey bees favourite sources of nectar and pollen.

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