Cancelled party plans and big birthday cakes

November 28, 2010

Birthday CakeWe’re snowed in. Again.

It doesn’t seem that long ago we were here before – holed up for four days before we saw human life.

However, back in January when we had to abandon our car and get a lift home in a tractor, we had a house full of Christmas food and sherry.

This time we have a house full of 12yr old boy’s party food….. so lots of crisps, sweets, fizzy drink and pizza’s.  And not forgetting the cake. A cake big enough for 12 hungry 12 year old boys that were supposed to arrive here yesterday for an afternoon of Wii Guitar Hero games.

Our garden after just 3 hrs of snow

For safety reasons, and to take the pressure off the other parents, we made the decision to break our son’s heart and cancel his party yesterday. He’d been talking of nothing else for most of last week (other than the new mobile ‘phone he’s hoping to get for his birthday).

Instead we had a family party. Just the five of us.  We sang and rocked, played Monopoly (well the card version as half the adult one was missing), ate all the Cadbury’s Heroes and stuffed our faces with pizza. We sledged, drank hot chocolate and fizzy pop, lit the fire and played Mario Cart.

The girls had great fun and made a smaller cake with all the leftovers for cutting and candle blowing out after dinner too.

We’re saving the big cake for Tuesday, the actual day of the birthday, just in case the roads are cleared and we can invite some of his pals up to share it on the day. If not we’re re-scheduling the party for a couple of weeks time (we had to give him a glimmer of something to cheer him up).

24hrs later – View from our sitting room

So I’ll be making another cake for candle blowing and belated birthday singing. This time it’ll be a bit smaller so that I’m not tempted to eat it….

…..I’m really not holding out much hope for my Christmas party outfit this year.

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