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In Season: Easy, No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe

July 10, 2015

Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe  Greenside UpAre you a fan of strawberries? We were given a dozen or so plants a few years ago and ever since, we’ve been carefully minding our strawberry patch. As a result, we’ve been picking ripe berries in the polytunnel for the past month or so, enjoying the deliciously sweet berries on our breakfast cereal. Following some sunshine and rain the berries outside are finally ripening and it’s a race between us and the slugs.

Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe | greensideup.ieStrawberries are so easy to grow in the ground or in containers. If, like us, you’re a fan of this sweet, summer fruit it’s madness not to give them a go.

Once you begin to harvest strawberries, apart from eating them au natural, it can be a treat to try out a few naughty but nice recipes. The following strawberry cheesecake recipe ricochets to the top of the naughty scale but is very easy to make and a perfect, in season desert to impress friends or family.

If you’d like to find out more about growing strawberries, you might find this archive post helpful.

Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe by Greenside UpStrawberry Cheesecake Recipe


225g (8oz) digestive biscuits
110g (4oz) unsalted butter, melted
3 leaves gelatine
150ml (5 fl oz) single cream
300g (10½ oz) cream cheese
125g (4½ oz) caster sugar
Finely grated zest and juice of 2 limes (or lemons, or one of each)
300g (10½ oz) ripe strawberries, hulled & chopped (or roughly whizzed in food processor)
150 ml (5 fl oz) whipped cream
1 egg white


1. Crush the biscuits finely (a food processor’s great for this) and stir in the melted butter. Mix together so the crumbs are soaked in butter then press into a loose-bottomed flan tin. (I made the mistake of putting mine into a pretty, china flan dish once and it stuck solid, despite greasing it well with butter).

2. Pour some cold water into a dish and place the gelatine leaves into it, submerging them completely. Leave them to soak and soften for 5 minutes or so.

3. Bring the single cream to the boil and remove from the heat. Squeeze the water out of the gelatine and add one by one to the warm cream. They dissolve straight away. Leave to cool while you’re preparing the topping.

4. Put the cream cheese into a bowl with the sugar, half the lime (or lemon) zest and all the juice. Beat together until smooth and creamy.

5. Mix in the cream and gelatine mixture and then the chopped strawberries, then fold in the whipped cream.

6. Whisk the egg white in a scrupulously clean bowl until it forms stiff peaks (you should be able to hold the bowl above your head without getting covered). Fold the egg white into the cheesecake mixture.

7. Pour the mixture into the tart tin and smooth down. Chill until set and decorate with the remaining zest and extra strawberries if you have them.

Tip: It’s worth buying good quality ingredients and don’t be tempted to swap the cheese or cream for low-fat versions. Every time I’ve tried to make this and cut corners, the cheesecake has failed to set. This strawberry cheesecake recipe needs to be a full on calorific, once in a while treat, with every mouthful slowly savoured.

Are you growing your own strawberries yet? How do you like to eat them?


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Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

July 22, 2013

Strawberry Smoothie Recipe  | greensideup.ieIf you follow Greenside Up on Facebook or Twitter you may have spotted lots of photos of strawberries in recent weeks, as well as the recent strawberry cordial recipe shared here. It’s been a fantastic year for them in our garden as a result of some serious spring weeding and strawberry bed management (see here for tips). That combined with a sunny summer means the fruit hasn’t succumbed to botrytis and rotted on their stems as in previous years.

Sunny StrawberryWe began harvesting berries from the small patch in the pollytunnel at the end of May, enjoying a few fresh ones with our muesli every morning as well as on the occasional strawberry cheesecake, but the long hot days quickly brought them on outside.

We picked over 5kg one day and another 4kg a few days later with more in waiting, all from a bed 1.2m x 7m. The plants originated from a dozen or so of the Cambridge variety given to us by a friend a few years ago.

strawberry smoothie recipeThis week one of our children noticed that a major supermarket are selling strawberries for €13.30 per kg and as a result I’m thinking I should check to see if we have freezer insurance!!

Freezing strawberries

When faced with garden fruit and little time, the quickest thing to do is to freeze it. To prevent the berries turning into a globulous goo, just wash and remove the hulls, place them onto a baking tray and freeze them open on the tray. Once frozen weigh and pop them into manageable sized freezer bags. I find 500g to be a handy weight for our family.

strawberry smoothie recipe | greensideup.ieWe’re a household of strawberry lovers but one of our many favourite ways to eat them is in a simple smoothie. Just add all the ingredients listed below into a blender and blitz. This recipe is enough to fill four generous glasses.

Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

strawberry smoothieIngredients

500g Low Fat Natural Yogurt
200ml 100% concentrated orange juice
1 ripe banana
500g frozen strawberries
Edible flower or strawberries to decorate

We use this as a base for most smoothies, swapping the strawberries for raspberries or blueberries – whatever’s in season at the time. We’ve found it’s a great way to encourage our children to eat dairy foods, providing calcium that’s essential for strong bones. Given that our twelve year old daughter has broken her arm THREE TIMES playing sports, I’m constantly on the lookout for food sources that will strengthen her bones and she can’t get enough of this one!!!

Do you enjoy the berry season as much as we do? What are your favourite ways of eating them?

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Strawberry Sensation or Alien Aspartame?

July 5, 2013
Strawberry Sensation (Strawberry Cordial & Cava)

Strawberry Sensation (Strawberry Cordial & Cava)

This post started out as a very simple but totally delicious, in season strawberry cordial recipe, as per the usual food blogging posts. However, as I was researching it and in particular the area of food sweeteners versus sugar, it became a lot more.

The recipe for the very tasty summer drink is at the bottom of the post. If you don’t want to know about ASPARTAME just scroll down to the vibrant strawberry picture below and you’ll find it. I can’t recommend this strawberry cordial enough (if you have a supply of strawberries)! Seven out of seven people ranging across three generations loved it when I offered the first sips around the table here. Continue Reading…

Vegetable Garden

Help? What do I do with my strawberry patch?

May 10, 2013

“My strawberry patch is overrun with weeds and I don’t know what to do… can you help please?”

This was a question asked by a customer recently who’s strawberry beds were full of weeds, just like our own.

strawberry flowers

Strawberries are flowering in the polytunnel

Like my customer, I’d left the strawberry patch to last as it really was the most weedy, daunting job in the vegetable patch this year. It had been neglected for several months and with no weed membrane or mulch surrounding the little plants that had been transplanted there from runners last year, it was now seriously out of control.

Strawberry Patch

Strawberry patch: before, during, after

Three days later (on and off) and the strawberry patch is looking fabulous and we’re hopeful that we’ll have a good crop of fruit this year, but it took some work to get it there. On my hands and knees pulling up dandelions, dock, creeping buttercups and thistles, I was almost ready to throw in the towel but kept going as I knew from previous years that this lovely Cambridge variety of strawberries can provide a bountiful harvest.  Continue Reading…