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Slated Ireland Plant Markers – Product Review

June 8, 2012

Slated Plant MarkerI can’t tell you how thrilled I was when Tara from Slated Ireland gave me a packet of plant markers when I dropped by her stand at Bloom.

I’ve seen pictures of the markers and had often thought they were a very attractive, more natural way of marking out plants than the usual plastic or lollipop sticks. However, at €18.00 for a pack of four they seemed a little on the pricey side for the day-to-day gardener who wants to be reminded of plant names or vegetable varieties they might otherwise forget.

Slated Ireland stand at Bloom 2012

But as a gift idea… having held the packet in my hand and now admiring them snuggled into my veg beds and flower borders, I can most definitely recommend the Slated markers if you’re looking for a smile inducing present for a gardening enthusiast.

Tara mentioned that each slate is chosen carefully before being cut by hand using a traditional slate cutting knife. This ensures the rough look of each marker is maintained. Having watched Mr G throw away several slates when making the odd repair in roofs because he’s accidentally snapped them, I can imagine hand crafting any one of the Slated products takes some skill.

The markers are quite weighty (I should know as I subsequently carried them around Bloom for the entire day in my back pack), meaning that they wont blow away or be plucked out of the soil by birds. They’re simply and naturally bound with hessian and raffia and come complete with a chinagraph pencil that DOESN’T WASH OFF. My plant markers have been tested to the full after two full days of wind and rain here. If you want to change the name white spirit will do the job, but rain, hail or snow wont.

Slated Plant Marker

Slated marker faring better in the wind than my Centaurea!


As a gardener I loved this gift.

It’s all so very well scrimping and saving with recycled this and home-made that, but sometimes isn’t it lovely to receive a gift that you admire from afar but wouldn’t dare to dip into the housekeeping for?