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How to Make Mini Scarecrows

July 13, 2012

Are you looking for an indoor activity that will entice kids of all ages away from the TV or computer for a couple of hours? If so these mini scarecrows can be made by young and old alike using household odds and ends.

How to make mini scarecrows

How to make mini scarecrows

All you need to make these scarecrows are wooden spoons, pipe cleaners or lollypop sticks for the arms, permanent markers to draw on the faces (with googly eyes optional) and a selection of wool, fabrics, buttons & beads. Glue, staples or needles & thread can be used to fix the ‘clothes’ on or just tie them with wool or string.

How to make mini scarecrows - hippy scarecrow

Simply wrap a pipe cleaner around the wooden spoon, or fix a lollipop stick across it to form arms and tie them on securely with wool. Add fabric and accessories to create hair and clothing.

How to make mini scarecrows - lady scarecrowI found this activity very calming for all involved and enjoyed sitting down, letting the imagination run away with itself, and seeing how differently each of the mini scarecrows turned out, developing personalities as we clothed them.

Children might enjoy having a puppet show with the scarecrows when they’ve finished making them, before they’re finally placed into the garden to scare the birds away.

How to make mini scarecrows - lady scarecrowThe joy of this activity is seeing where the imagination goes. Armed with the same bag of bits and bobs, every mini scarecrow is different. They can also be adapted for themes such as Halloween scarecrows, Christmas scarecrows. The only limiting factor is imagination!

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