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Bloom 2013 – How a Postcard Community Garden Evolved

May 29, 2013
The exquisite twitter bird crocheted by Orla (@stichlilly) - The Finishing Touch

The exquisite Twitter bird crocheted by Orla (@stichlilly) hangs over the garden  – The perfect finishing touch to the CGN Bloom Postcard Garden given how it evolved.

“I was thinking about entering the Community Garden Network into Bloom this year, there’s a section for postcard gardens, what do you think…..?”

Who’d have thought 18 months ago when we started the Community Garden Network that we’d be entering a garden into Bloom, Ireland’s biggest Food and Garden Festival. Having uttered those few words over a cup of tea and cake when Sandra and I met up one morning, that’s exactly what Sandra went and did on our behalf.

She put together a simple design with a lovely concept that encapsulates everything we’re attempting to do with the network:

“A postcard garden reflecting the ideals and focus of community gardening in Ireland – social inclusion, improved nutrition, building community, sharing skills and knowledge.

Several garden components have been “Yarnbombed” – reclaimed and personalised – using knitted pieces contributed by Community Gardeners and friends from around the island of Ireland. Each knitted piece is unique (like our member gardens) but they share a common purpose and together make something beautiful.

Community gardens knit together people to form communities; combating isolation, food poverty and waste. We are all – however different – part of the pattern of our community.”

Bloom Garden Sketch
Sandra emailed the entry on the deadline and we nervously waited to hear if it would be accepted. Just a few days later she rang me in a bubble of nervous excitement, we were in and we had just five weeks to put it together! We had no idea how we would pull it off.  Continue Reading…