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“What’s the Use…” An Inspirational Quote

November 22, 2014


F. Sherwood Rowland - Inspirational Quote

I just wanted to share a quote by Nobel laureate F. Sherwood Rowland, we were shown at a candid, funny, poignant and informative talk by wildlife cameraman and presenter Gordon Buchanan in Carlow’s Visual Centre last night. It reminded me how important it is, no matter how tired or worn down we might feel about the constant fight to protect our environment, that we shouldn’t give up.

For a couple of hours while we listened to Gordon’s experiences in rainforests and mountains around the world, I was reminded that sharing information, standing up for those that can’t do it for themselves and doing anything that will help to preserve our planet and those that live on it isn’t really a choice, it’s something we simply have to do. Negativity is perhaps more destructive than doing nothing at all. It’s our optimism, love and willingness to share knowledge that will prevail, helping to inform others and empower.

I hope this message has the same effect on you. I’ve donated to Greenpeace today as a result of this nudge. Here’s some suggestions from them on how we can help to protect the planet:

Will you commit to do something positive for our environment today?