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petition to stop fracking in Ireland


What the Frack is all that about?

August 10, 2013

Fracking… what an unappealing term! Do you suppose the people who sit and think up words deliberately choose such unsexy descriptions when they know the actions are going to be contentious? GMO’s, genetically modified organisms, fracking, hydraulic fracturing, none of those combinations inspire you to read much further, let alone click links and learn more about them.

Photo Credit: Irish Environmental Network

I asked two teenage boys if they knew anything about fracking recently. The fact they’d clocked anything at all, that they knew it wasn’t a very environmentally friendly way of creating energy impressed me – they don’t just have their heads glued to gaming screens after all ūüėČ “it’s somehow connected to earth tremors harming wildlife.” ¬†They’re not wrong.

I first became aware of fracking about a year ago as Facebook updates started to appear in my newstream asking me to help to sign petitions to stop it. We’re so inundated with petitions and stories about fluoride in water, the decline in bee populations or seed ownership it’s easy to miss yet another. Fracking did catch my attention however and resulted in an early morning twitter ‘discussion’ with Hector √ď Eochag√°in¬†while he was presenting his morning RTE radio show. He was¬†in favour of it, applauding the potential employment possibilities¬†as it appeared that it would result in creating a lot of jobs in Leitrim.¬† Continue Reading…