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Peppermint Cream Recipe

November 28, 2011

Peppermint Cream RecipeSo simple to make you’ll never need to buy peppermint creams again.

Just whisk two free range egg whites until they’re frothy then add enough of the whites to 500g of sifted icing sugar to make a pliable dough,  adding peppermint essence to taste.

Remove from the bowl and roll out on a clean surface dusted with icing sugar to desired thickness. Cut into shapes with cookie cutters. Our girls often choose the hearts but at Christmas all the festive shapes come into play.

Set aside on a tray to harden for 24hrs (that’s the difficult part!)

These make lovely presents at Christmas and our younger girls like to hand them out in little boxes to friends and teachers. I’d advise dusting them first with a little sugar to prevent them sticking.

Happy sweet making!