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Gardening Under Cover – Where to begin with a greenhouse or polytunnel

January 29, 2013
Hot House from Polytunnels Ireland

Growing Undercover in a Hot House – picture courtesy Polytunnels Ireland

Gardening Undercover – Greenhouse or Polytunnel

Note: The following article has been amended to include more recent links. If you’re thinking of buying or making a greenhouse or polytunnel, it might help.

How many times have you read the words ‘gardening under cover’? Did you immediately know what it meant? I remember reading the sentence years ago and assumed it meant gardening in a beautiful old Victorian style greenhouse. It didn’t occur to me that gardening ‘under cover’ could also mean under a cloche, in a polytunnel, a lean-to plastic greenhouse, under an empty fizzy drink bottle, or even on a windowsill, though reading the words literally, I guess it seems obvious now.

This week a reader contacted me looking for advice on gardening undercover, or more specifically, how to grow vegetables in her brand spanking new polycarbonate greenhouse that was still in its box. Her contagious enthusiasm was delightful and one I could relate to. We’re at the time of year when we begin to feel that bubbling sense of anticipation as the new growing season approaches, Spring is almost upon us!  Continue Reading…