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Now’s a great time to grow your own garlic

October 22, 2013

(…unless your soil’s too wet!)

planting garlic cloves in ClonegalWhen I switched the lights off last night and headed to bed, it was with slight concern. The weather forecast was awful for the morning and I was wondering how on earth I was going to keep 16 gardeners in Clonegal happy and interested in today’s grow your own lesson that I’d planned for them.

blue skies in Clonegal

The first two weeks in October in Clonegal

This is an outdoor class that’s enjoyed sunshine and warmth for the past couple of weeks and although we can dress for and work around showery days, the forecast was for torrential rain! As it happened, the worst of the rain kept away almost until lunchtime and everyone was dressed for the showers we experienced.

We covered several topics including soil pH and nutrients and managed to sow three rows of garlic before the downpour sent us scampering inside for shelter.

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