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Help? What do I do with my strawberry patch?

May 10, 2013

“My strawberry patch is overrun with weeds and I don’t know what to do… can you help please?”

This was a question asked by a customer recently who’s strawberry beds were full of weeds, just like our own.

strawberry flowers

Strawberries are flowering in the polytunnel

Like my customer, I’d left the strawberry patch to last as it really was the most weedy, daunting job in the vegetable patch this year. It had been neglected for several months and with no weed membrane or mulch surrounding the little plants that had been transplanted there from runners last year, it was now seriously out of control.

Strawberry Patch

Strawberry patch: before, during, after

Three days later (on and off) and the strawberry patch is looking fabulous and we’re hopeful that we’ll have a good crop of fruit this year, but it took some work to get it there. On my hands and knees pulling up dandelions, dock, creeping buttercups and thistles, I was almost ready to throw in the towel but kept going as I knew from previous years that this lovely Cambridge variety of strawberries can provide a bountiful harvest.  Continue Reading…


Winter sunrise ~ a hill dwellers perspective

January 13, 2012

Winter Sunrise - a hill dwellers perspectiveThere are many days on the top of our hill that we are engulfed in low cloud. Sometimes the damp air seeps through every crook and cranny of our house seemingly endlessly, so that in the end we resort to lighting the fire to dry it out.

Winter Sunrise - a hill dwellers perspectiveMy memories of August 2011 are waking up, hoping that I would jump out of bed, draw back the curtains and see the sun rising above the canopy of my favourite tree, but sadly it was not to be, yet another day of damp cloud.

Winter Sunrise - a hill dwellers perspectiveIn the colder, winter months however, the roles can be reversed and we are blessed with spectacular sunrises whilst the valley below is blanketed with freezing fog.

Winter Sunrise - a hill dwellers perspectiveAs we drive down the ‘horrible hill’ on the school run we see islands poking through the mist, the sky lit up with a myriad of colour, the views so spectacular that even the children stop chattering and gasp.

Winter Sunrise - a hill dwellers perspectiveMornings like today make up for all those dull summer days. Mornings like today make living and gardening in an exposed elevated spot so worthwhile. Mornings like today can make my soul swell with happiness that we live on such a beautiful planet.

Winter Sunrise - a hill dwellers perspective



Normal service will resume soon

January 10, 2011

Apologies for lack of blog posts… Our PC is under repair. All being well service will resume within the next couple of weeks. In the meantime take a look at some of the old posts if you have a minute, you might find something helpful.