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Ever wondered what fruit and veg other people are growing?

August 15, 2011

Fruit and Vegetables That Other People Grow

Several months ago I set up a Facebook questionnaire asking everyone to list the fruit and veg they were growing at home, primarily to help me design workshops and gear my advice in the right direction.

There were 420 votes in total and for anyone like me who likes stats, the two charts below show the results. For anyone who doesn’t, this is likely to bore the pants off you…

Although interesting, (I was surprised how few people answered garlic), it’s difficult to really determine the chart’s accuracy. My original questions covered the (I thought) most common veg but over the week they were added to resulting in over 40 different fruit or veg categories. Some people may have got bored (3 people ticked the newly added ‘weary with all these questions’) and a couple of people commented the questionnaire was causing their computer to stall, which is enough to stop even the most dedicated from answering!

So, for anyone else who likes facts and figures, here are the results:

Grow Your Own Vegetables - Table of Resultsand a much bigger chart for the vegetables:

Grow Your Own Vegetables - Table of Results(Struggled to fit them all in there were so many! The last one is celeriac)

The charts incidentally were created by a very handy online chart tool that was linked by Amanda over on the helpful blog.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer.