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Food Security – Eight Things You Can Do Help

October 15, 2013
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Wednesday, 16th October – World Food Day 2013

World this day and World that day seem to be appearing in my news stream a lot recently and as a result I was wondering who makes them up. Who decides for instance that World Egg Day will take place on the second Friday of October or that World Toilet Day might happen on the 19th November? As it happens, various people are responsible but in the case of World Food Day, an international event taking place on 16th October, it was from the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, (FAO).

Just the phrase World Food Day resulted in my blogging antenna honing in. One of the topics that came up with some gardeners over the summer was that of Food Security. Several didn’t understand the term immediately and I had to explain it in more detail, but then I guess it’s a phrase that doesn’t comes up in general conversation too often.

It should.

The World Health Organisation defines Food Security as

WHO.jpgToday there are several nations that can’t offer their populations the security of a daily feed, with millions of humans chronically undernourished worldwide. The challenge for those of us in the developed world as the global population grows is whether we can continue to feed our own and at the same time address the issues surrounding those that can’t. Continue Reading…