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Our food systems, community and environment are changing at faster rates than we’ve ever experienced. We’re living in a time where the digital world is giving us a sense of speed, efficiency and instant knowledge yet no time to do the things outdoors that we want to do. As we become more embedded with technology, society is changing and we’re in danger of disconnecting with what really matters: the planet, soil, nature, community, family, health and food.

Greenside Up is helping to bridge that gap; here’s how we do that with gardening, environmental and community development workshops, talks, garden design and consultation.

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Vegetable Gardening | Community Gardening

Greenside Up is a social enterprise that encourages a greater environmental and food awareness helping to transform individuals and communities. Greenside Up can help you establish a vegetable garden within a community, urban or rural setting, from design to build, short or long-term tuition. We can connect you with other community gardens, where you can learn how to become involved in this beneficial way of growing your own in various locations throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.

People are coming together from a vast range of social economic backgrounds in community gardens. They’re sharing knowledge, learning new skills, experiencing how growing vegetables can save money and being outside in the garden with nature is good for their mental and physical health.

We’re learning how growing, preserving and selling produce grown in a community garden can empower you and your community. For more information take a look at the community garden blog articles or contact us.

From Community To Container

If community gardening doesn’t suit you, Greenside Up also offer vegetable garden landscaping advice or one-to-one advice on anything from compost to zucchini, to growing your own vegetables in containers, back gardens and allotments. Take a look at the tabs above for more detailed information.

Dee Sewell, founder of Greenside Up shares information digitally by writing a multi-award winning blog and operates several social media channels, helping to make sure the eco/green word is spread far and wide. As a qualified horticulturalist and transformative community education trainer in the south-east of Ireland, Dee personally tailors garden talks, gardening workshops and vegetable growing classes to suit.

She shows people how to reuse and recycle in the garden, be aware of water and energy use and how to garden without the use of chemicals while encouraging wildlife and biodiversity.

Workplace gardens come in all shapes and sizes and include a diverse range of people who like to meet in them to learn, share and grow.

If you’re a workplace that would like to add value to your organisation, we are pleased to be able to offer a garden package that will give your staff an alternative to sports and social clubs and help to create self-sustaining communities for a changing and challenging environment.

If you don’t have room for a garden, we’ll do our best to connect you to a local community garden or can offer staff wellbeing talks and demonstrations at your premises.

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“Alone We Can Do So Little, Together We Can Do So Much” Helen Keller