Company Values

What Does the Green in Greenside Up Mean?


  • As someone who began writing letters to MP’s back in the early 1980’s asking them to intervene with extensive whaling, rainforest burning and the elimination of ozone layer destructive CFC’s, Dee Sewell has long been concerned about the environment we live in. She is still actively working to make a difference.

Passion & Honesty:

  • Since she began Greenside Up in 2009, Dee has been actively promoting gardening using organic principles and positively encourages biodiversity. She has continued her own education journey, striving to learn as much as she can within the timeframe she has, to enable her to share her new found knowledge with others.

Service Matters:

  • Without compromising on customer service, all course notes are initially offered by email and in the event that they are printed, paper is sourced from sustainable forests or recycled.

Education Matters:

  • As well as growing food, customers are encouraged and advised how to reduce their landfill, to stop food waste by composting and recycling, to learn about beneficial insects, biodiversity, companion planting, water conservation, the impact of using peat. They are informed about genetically modified organisms and the threats that climate change present to us all.

Community Development:

  • Dee strongly believes that building strong communities can help us to overcome the many issues that we will face as our climate changes. All of her work underpins the major community development goals of encouraging voluntary work, providing training and education for social, recreational, cultural, work and personal development, as well as encouraging active engagement in decision making in local communities.


  • Dee is an empathetic educator and it’s one of the reasons she enjoys working in the social and therapeutic side of horticulture.


Company values